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    October, 2023
    Spetses, Greece



    “A Sunlit Adventure”

    Amidst labyrinthine streets adorned with bougainvillea and island charm, our team of creative visionaries embarked on a quest. Our mission? To capture the essence of our new Spring / Summer 2024 collection in a way that transcended the ordinary.

    In the heart of the Aegean Sea, where sapphire waters gently kiss the shores, the picturesque Greek island of Spetses became the enchanting backdrop for our fashion odyssey. The island’s timeless charm and natural beauty provided an authentic and scenic setting, enhancing the allure of our collection.

    And so, amidst the whispers of the sea, a fashion tale unfolded. Through the lens of renowned photographer, Panos Davios, each photograph told a tale of elegance and sunlit adventure. As the sun descended into the embrace of the Aegean, the photoshoot transformed into a symphony of colors. The fading daylight painted the sky in hues of orange and cerulean, mirroring the palette of the fashion pieces.

    With the island as their muse, the creative team crafted a visual masterpiece, where each and every photograph was a stroke in the canvas of summer. Fashion stylist Marilena Karagianni curated ensembles with flowing fabrics that mimicked the flow of the waves, and vibrant hues that mirrored the colorful bougainvillea.

    To complete the vision, talented beauty artist, Hara Papanicolaou, worked her magic. She crafted beachy, wavy hair that seemed tousled by the sea breeze and applied flawless makeup, enhancing the natural beauty of the models.

    In this sun-drenched paradise, the Marina V vision was not just captured; it was elevated. The SS24 photoshoot became a testament to the harmonious blend of artistic expertise, natural splendor, and sartorial grace, resulting in a collection of images that not only showcased our collection but also encapsulated the very spirit of summer.



    Messolonghi, Greece



    “Capturing the Essence of Fall-Winter Magic”

    Step into a world where fashion intertwines with the captivating charm of Tourlida, Messolonghi, Greece. Our Fall-Winter 23 collection embraces the enchanting beauty of this picturesque fisherman’s land, transporting you to a realm where chic sophistication meets the allure of the season. With our talented team, we embarked on a creative journey to showcase the essence of our latest collection.

    As our beautiful models Amanda and Lydia gracefully walked the rustic streets of Tourlida, the camera lens of our Panos Davios captured the spirit of each meticulously crafted garment. The makeup artist Hara Papanicolaou masterfully enhanced their natural beauty, while our stylist Marilena Karagianni curated striking ensembles that perfectly complemented the collection’s narrative.

    Falling under the spell of fashion, our Fall-Winter 23 collection took inspiration from a variety of captivating themes. From the chic and cool allure of our Pre-Fall theme, “Indien Chéri,” featuring light and airy models with playful patterns reminiscent of peacock feathers, to the effortless elegance of “Orient Express,” drawing from the ultimate British look with checks, knits, and daring leatherette textures. “Terra D’Ailleurs” celebrates rusticity with bright, luminous colors and meticulous craftsmanship, while “Mountain Wind” embraces comfort and style in a neutral palette with splashes of color, perfect for a weekend getaway in breathtaking landscapes. Finally, our first-ever evening wear capsule, “Dress Code Fever,” brings glamour and excitement to year-end celebrations, showcasing complimentary silhouettes and luxurious textures. As we meld these themes together, our Fall-Winter 23 collection embodies the essence of each, weaving a tapestry of sophistication and allure against the picturesque backdrop of Tourlida, Messolonghi, Greece.

    In Tourlida, surrounded by the ethereal beauty of Greece, our FW23 collection comes alive. Each photograph tells a story, intertwining the essence of our designs with the captivating backdrop of this fisherman’s paradise. Join us on this sartorial journey.



    Sounion, Greece


    Always Bring Your Own Sunshine


    Falling for fashion’s mood of dreamy romanticism,
    we let the glittering magic of sunshine inspire us to capture the essence of easy summer living in our SS23 collection.
    Get ready to catch some summer vibes with our Marina V SS23 collection and its sun-kissed photoshoot!

    With renowned photographer Panos Davios behind the lens,
    fashion editor Marilena Karagianni styled the outfits with statement straw hat and blossoming flowers,
    while beauty artist Hara Papanicolaou added some effortlessly beach-tousled hair and flawless makeup to the mix.

    The photoshoot was set in our dream summer house by the sea,
    allowing the team to capture the glittering magic of sunshine in each shot.
    The models exude an effortless cool and breezy aura, showcasing pure 100% linens,
    light viscose jerseys, and signature cotton crochets.

    The broderie anglaise sundresses and embroidered cotton voile add a touch of sophistication to the collection,
    while the subtly shiny lurex pointelle pullovers and twinsets capture the essence of sunshine.

    Motivated by a desire for mood-enhancing fashion,
    our latest SS23 collection trains its focus on the world of bright colors,
    re-imagined silhouettes and refined detailing with our signature fine trimmings and weaving techniques.

    We sourced the finest lightweight materials from around the world,
    working alongside expert manufacturers and designers to bring the collection to life.
    The result is a collection of joyful investment pieces, made to brighten the world and your wardrobe for years to come.

    Our Marina V SS23 photoshoot is the perfect embodiment of summer,
    bringing joy and self-expression through our collection.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Escape with us and let our SS23 photoshoot inspire and carry you away to the essence of easy summer living.



    Parnassos, Greece




    The Marina V ‘Nostalgia’ photoshoot to us is sentimental.


    Not only because the fashion it showcases is inspired by the ’70s, but also it revolves around a road trip theme,

    which is often more of a youthful pursuit that adults reminisce with a sweet sorrow.

    With the sun setting on yet another day, the images have a trace of yellowish gold that highlights this act of remembrance.


    Captured by the photographer Panos Davios & styled by the fashion editor Marilena Karagianni,

    who selected denim pants, rain boots and special accessories for the retro wardrobe.

    The feathered hair and flawless makeup were done by beauty artist Hara Papanicolaou.


    For this season Marina V design team were inspired by audaciousness and mystery with a mix of the 70s and a touch of romanticism.

    The result is a colorful collection with an emphasis on details and femininity.

    You will see high quality cashmere, wool & recycled yarn knits, that pair so well with our trousers and skirts.

    And for outerwear, our signature coats & coatigans that are knit from wool-blend or viscose,

    long or midi, with belt or buttons, in beautiful jacquard designs or in solid color.

    Marina V, also designed your new most stylish outer layer: in hot pink, green, purple, camel, black & ivory,

    oversized with faux fur or quilted jackets,

    our new entry category is here and ready to be adored.


    The 70s were the decade that turned the fashion world upside down.

    We show so much respect to that decade and that is why the collection was inspired by the no rules era scenic and spirit.


    Freedom in everything: thoughts, clothes, and behavior.


    Using the example of our FW22 Collection, we want to tell a story about how everything in fashion is cyclical

    and constantly returns to its origins – different styles and eras are always a solid source of inspiration.


    Nostalgia can literally make people feel warmer on a cold day either wearing it or feeling it!



    Anavyssos, Greece

    She is wearing the ocean

    The SS22 Collection wasn’t just a summer collection.
    It was a mix of themes, eras, and muses united by the Marina V design team.

    A quick view and you’ll see modish prints,
    a linen capsule collection in a pretty, summery color palette
    and of course a lot of knits like jackets, loungewear sets and slim knee-length skirts.

    This collection is defined both by the feeling of the yarns and fabrics, and the surprising color combination,
    there’s a general air of romance, relaxation, sometimes even playfulness—but nothing too loose.

    Enjoy the salty breeze as it’ s hovering around you



    May 18, 2021,
    Bagkeion Hotel,
    Athens, Greece

    So what came first with Marina V epic Fall/Winter 2021?

    The collection or the location where it was shot?

    New ideas must use old buildings

    On the corner of of Athinas Street, on the Omonoia square the four-storied Bagkeion Hotel is there to reveal the story behind our FW21 photoshoot.

    The idea behind our photoshoot is a girl who revives an old space, a place that has a nostalgic welcome air of mystery.

    We knew that we wanted to shoot exactly in that place, to capture the harmony of that stunning place and the nobility that it still oozes with our new ready-to-wear Collection.

    The Marina V team is so proud to present a Collection of coats and sweaters in bright colors which are designed to be worn again and again, transcending fashion trends.

    We combined our signature styles, such as: the cozy coatigans, the knitted kimonos and our soft sweaters — with vivid colors and patterns, featuring oversized leopard prints, paisleys and rainbow stripes.

    We’re breaking free from expectations and immersing ourselves into the colors and experiences that feed our souls. Our sense of style is a reflection of our authentic selves, the colors and the styles we choose is our signature.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s Collection is the best of all?



    The Margi Villa,
    Vouliagmeni, Greece

    We dream in colours borrowed from the sea…


    At a time when joy and optimism are essential, our team envisioned a dressing room exploding with colours and encapsulating the smell of the sea & the coveted feeling of the sun on our skin.

    Our inspiration lies in the blending of colours & textures of the Greek landscape with the undeniable elegance of Parisians.

    Our SS21 collection consists of pieces that are easy to wear & pair, with airy blouses and ethereal dresses created for an effortless yet chic summer look.

    The incredible variety of sweaters, tops, shirts and trousers can be mixed and matched for a multitude of day to night looks, and has been curated to serve the needs of the busy & multifaceted modern woman.



    Vasilikia Mountain Farm & Retreat,
    Pavliani, Karditsa, Greece

    In Vasilikia Mountain Farm we found exactly what we were looking for.
    And that was nature…

    We decided to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
    A walk among the trees, the sound of birds, the beautiful farm animals.
    That was exactly the feeling we wanted to capture!

    We were equipped with cosy sweaters and oversized coatigans, in feminine lines and in beautiful colors.
    Nature was there to do the rest. We are grateful and proud of the result.

    Hope you enjoy our collection as much as we did while preparing it!


    Melissourgos Tower, Athens, Greece

    Tuscany-inspired style is timeless, in our SS20 collection we wanted to capture its warmth and charm.

    The wine & wood accent as well as the palette of natural earth tone colors prevail in our lookbook from the shooting at the majestic Melissourgos Tower.

    Marina V muses turned into Countesses & Duchesses …Let’s bow to their beauty!



    Meteora, Thessalia, Greece

    We shot our AW19 lookbook at Meteora, a truly
    inspiring and sensational setting of impressive rock

    Serene, spiritual, magical, mystical, breathtaking, immense,
    inspiring: that’s how we describe this natural
    phenomenon – ideal location for our AW19 photoshoot.