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    The brand

    Marina V is designed for women who love fashion, quality and who are always
    searching for the latest trends.

    The modern woman who has more than one role in her everyday life, who goes from being
    a working woman during the day to a dinner date in the evening.
    Choosing the outfit that will make her feel confident in each of these roles is not an easy task,
    but this is now our mission.
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    Fashion means something different to every woman. The magic lies in its power to make women

    feel beautiful and feminine and to express who they really are in the way they dress.

    Marina V was created to bring this magic to life, by combining European designwith agile production, and adapting quickly to the changing desires of our customers.

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    The journey behind the brand

    Building a brand is about a journey
    - a voyage with an unforgettable starting point and destination.

    However, as with most journeys, the most memorable moments are the stops along the way.
    Athens was my starting point, but I soon left home to explore the major capitals of fashion across Europe and Asia, taking inspiration from the local women.

    Each one of these cities, gifted me a unique and unforgettable experience:
    London, Hong-Kong, Milan, Rome, Paris. London and its complete freedom of expression
    in fashion, Hong Kong - the Asian landmark for style, Milan, strolling through the enchanting
    streets of via Della Spiga and via Montenapoleone, Roma, la grande bellezza, with its
    breathtaking beauty of culture, art and history.
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    Paris, le terminus: The capital of fashion, the city of lights and lovers and my inspiration

    and awakening of the dream of “Marina V”.

    Are you ready to embark on this journey with us?
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