October, 2023
Spetses, Greece



“A Sunlit Adventure”

Amidst labyrinthine streets adorned with bougainvillea and island charm, our team of creative visionaries embarked on a quest. Our mission? To capture the essence of our new Spring / Summer 2024 collection in a way that transcended the ordinary.

In the heart of the Aegean Sea, where sapphire waters gently kiss the shores, the picturesque Greek island of Spetses became the enchanting backdrop for our fashion odyssey. The island’s timeless charm and natural beauty provided an authentic and scenic setting, enhancing the allure of our collection.

And so, amidst the whispers of the sea, a fashion tale unfolded. Through the lens of renowned photographer, Panos Davios, each photograph told a tale of elegance and sunlit adventure. As the sun descended into the embrace of the Aegean, the photoshoot transformed into a symphony of colors. The fading daylight painted the sky in hues of orange and cerulean, mirroring the palette of the fashion pieces.

With the island as their muse, the creative team crafted a visual masterpiece, where each and every photograph was a stroke in the canvas of summer. Fashion stylist Marilena Karagianni curated ensembles with flowing fabrics that mimicked the flow of the waves, and vibrant hues that mirrored the colorful bougainvillea.

To complete the vision, talented beauty artist, Hara Papanicolaou, worked her magic. She crafted beachy, wavy hair that seemed tousled by the sea breeze and applied flawless makeup, enhancing the natural beauty of the models.

In this sun-drenched paradise, the Marina V vision was not just captured; it was elevated. The SS24 photoshoot became a testament to the harmonious blend of artistic expertise, natural splendor, and sartorial grace, resulting in a collection of images that not only showcased our collection but also encapsulated the very spirit of summer.