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    Press Release

    MARINA V SS22: Optimism & Light


    Art & new techniques for the 2022 Spring and Summer Collection


    MARINA V PARIS welcomes spring and summer and embraces the light of the new season full of optimism.

    With her dynamic and sensual personality, she prepares the return-to-office wardrobe and the stylish outfits to wear in her favourite hangouts while already dreaming of her carefree vacation in the nature or at sea wearing clothes that bring out her femininity.

    We could argue that the colours of the new season follow the intensity of the stave, in search of the enchanting treble clef;  namely, the earthy hues that offer a sense of calmness and safety, nobility and naturalness.

    The oscillation between neat beige and pure khaki evokes the summer sand or the first foliage of the season on a palette that seems to draw images from Vincent Van Gogh’s easel: cadmium yellow, chrome orange, zinc white.

    MARINA V PARIS has always stood out for being bold with colours: once again, exotic orange tones dance harmoniously with vivid greens while the fiery palette of the sunset engages in a tug-of-war with shades of blue: royal blue or turquoise, navy blue or ocean blue.

    We are confident that those who have already shown their love to us will also have faith in our latest shift towards an earthier yet colourful style.

    This year, with a sense of responsibility and joy, we are launching a complete clothing line of new high-quality linen 100% processed with special dyes which provide better colour intensity to our clothes. Moreover, this technique makes linen smoother which is something we all like for those summer days…

    Moving on to our viscose, a fabric smooth as butter in a combination of unmatched “tenderness” for our floral dresses, pants and shirts.

    Based on our established experience in knitwear we have produced a collection in which we effortlessly and elegantly move from winter to spring in a constant renewal process: sweaters, cardigans, tops, knitted sets, sweater-pants, twinsets, jumpsuits etc. Thus, at the end of summer and during the Indian summer our wardrobe must-haves will be there for the beginning of autumn.

    Change in seasons definitely affects the way our clothes are used. Thus, we respond with design and creativity to meet the needs of every season…

    As regards the “heart” of the MARINA V PARIS spring & summer collection, we drew from the exotic prints of Paul Gauguin’s girls and the cheerful atmosphere in Elvis Presley’s movies of the 1950s to design and create our summer clothing lines for all women.

    This year’s collection takes you from Tahiti to Hawaii, from southern France and its painters to the Big Blue of the Mediterranean. You will be thrilled with our statement marinières, the ochre and rocky beige snakeskin prints and the original thin silky fabrics of our pants.

    We know you loved it and that’s why once again we offer a new selection of cotton embroidered dresses and shirts that will bring out your tanned summer skin.

    Marked by good taste, comfort and charm, MARINA V PARIS SS 2022 latest Collection relies on all strong points of the brand: knitwear know-how, high-quality materials, exclusive details that elevate even the simplest of outfits, contemporary femininity, keeping in touch with fashion trends, charm and finally her own identity and signature.